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The automotive industry is one that is incredibly competitive, and turning a profit often comes down to providing the very best products as efficiently as possible. Part of maintaining incredible efficiency involves choosing the right heavy duty casters. Here at Caster Concepts, our roots took hold in the automotive industry, so we’ve had plenty of experience in designing the best casters for the job.


ERGOXCEL™ casters are some of the best on the market today. They utilize precision sealed ball bearings that never require maintenance or lubrication, which frees up a great deal of time and boosts productivity, too.

The unique features of these casters include reducing the friction between the wheel and the floor, and reducing the force needed to start, stop, and maneuver loads. Thanks to the unique round tread wheel, the caster dispels debris as it moves, extending the life of the tread and preventing hang-ups.


CasterShoX® are designed to provide an unsurpassed level of shock absorption that has many benefits. First and foremost, as loads shift, their center of gravity changes, and this can be problematic for operators.

In addition to shock absorption, CasterShoX® prevent shifting loads and make movement far safer. These casters also absorb a great deal of noise, and this is beneficial for improving morale and reducing work-related injuries.


With a unique tread thickness, these TWERGO® named heavy duty casters do a great job of minimizing friction and eliminating scrubbing when moving around corners, but they still provide the standard impact resistance. They reduce initial and continuous push force by anywhere from 25% to 50%, which reduces the likelihood of overexertion injuries a great deal. Its Lite counterpart is a great replacement for the standard cast iron wheel at just 2”.

Swivel on Swivel Rigs

The Swivel on Swivel (SoS) caster significantly reduces push force, as well. It is one of the best casters on the market for making the shift to a more ergonomic workplace, and thanks to its sealed ball bearings and kingpinless design, it is absolutely maintenance free. It’s perfect for use with auto guided vehicles and line delivery carts, but can be used in various other applications, too.

Drive and Conversion Drive Caster™

Drive casters™ add a motorized element, making it possible for a single operator to move even the biggest loads of up to 5000 pounds per caster. They’re powered by ¼ or ½ horsepower motors and can be integrated easily into your existing carts and racks. Conversion drive casters make it easy to convert existing carts into powered carts and reduce injury risks a great deal.

Custom Casters

Aside from the other options listed here, we at Caster Concepts are well known for our outstanding engineering team and ability to design custom casters for almost any application imaginable.

Our custom CAD configurator allows you to input your own specifications, or you can give us a call, explain the situation, and we will go from there. Our engineers have solved every challenge presented to them and can solve yours, too.

We got our start in the automotive industry and take our  work very seriously. No matter how large or small your facility – and no matter how heavy the load – we have the perfect solution. If we don’t, our engineering team can build it for you.