The ability to move loads safely from one part of a facility to the next is important in many different industries. Though there are numerous ways to get the job done, things like delivery carts and racks supported by heavy-duty casters are most common. Industrial companies of all types love ERGOXCEL™ maintenance-free casters, which are only available from Caster Concepts. Here are the most important features and why you might want to consider them, too.

Maintenance-Free Design

Caster maintenance can be a hassle, and it’s both costly and time consuming. By eliminating this maintenance, you can save time and money, and your production won’t need to be interrupted for routine greasing or tightening. ERGOXCEL™ casters eliminate this with precision sealed ball bearings that never need to be greased. What’s more, the quality of materials and unique design means that ERGOXCEL™ casters will remain adequately tightened, even after several months of use.

Ergonomic and Easy to Use

Aside from their maintenance-free design, ERGOXCEL™ casters were also designed to be ergonomic in nature. In fact, for applications requiring swivel casters, ERGOXCEL™ casters offer the least resistance and the least initial push force to start moving when all the wheels are not properly aligned. What’s more, these wheels require less force to turn, maneuver, and stop. Not only does this reduce the risk of injury for your employees, but it also reduces the amount of manpower required to safely move loads. This can boost your productivity and save you a significant amount of money.

High Quality Design

The ERGOXCEL™ casters are made with extreme precision in order to provide the best possible operation with the longest life. Due to its quality materials, ERGOXCEL Casters™ will wear much more slowly than many of their counterparts. Because of the tightly-fitting raceways and ball bearings, there is very little play or vibration, which also extends the caster’s use life. Finally. ERGOXCEL™ casters perform consistently from the first day to the last, which means you will get outstanding performance throughout their lifespan.

Unique Round Tread

Unlike other types of casters, the round balloon tread on the ERGOXCEL™ caster further helps reduce turn friction. The unique design also helps to push debris out of its path rather than simply rolling over it, which eliminates damage and extends its life. The unique polyurethane resists flat-spotting, and the wheel core itself is made of durable rust-resistant aluminum, so it is lightweight yet durable. The mechanically-bonded polyurethane offers incredible staying power, meaning you will get more life out of ERGOXCEL™ casters than any other type of caster like it.

ERGOXCEL™ casters are more than just maintenance-free. They are ergonomic, of the highest quality, and built to last. There are several sizes available, and while the smallest size can support 750 pounds per caster, the largest supports as much as 1500 pounds per caster. If you truly want to save yourself time, increase your company’s production, and reduce injury rates on the job, consider ERGOXCEL™ casters, only from Caster Concepts.