Casters play a crucial role in many parts of your facility, whether you’re using them on carts and racks, on forklifts, or even on moving walls. Caster Concepts’ unique and revolutionary Drive Caster offers the opportunity to create a delivery line or other towing scenario for even the heaviest loads. Here’s how.

What Does a Drive Caster Do?

Most casters require manpower to operate, and while we create several ergonomic maintenance-free options designed to make this process simpler, there are times when automating at least part of the process is ideal. Drive Casters provide this capability by allowing a single operator to easily start, maneuver, and stop a load using only a control panel and tank steering.

Motorized Drive Casters fit on just about any piece of equipment and require batteries and control panels. For traditional load movement, they support 2000 pounds each. However, when you opt to use Drive Casters for towing, the capacity is a whopping 5000 pounds per caster – and you can double this by adding additional casters, too.

Towing Made Simpler

Depending on your industry and unique needs, you may be able to ramp up productivity by automating the movement of certain materials from one location to the next. Tugs are common in these applications; a simple motorized vehicle pulls carts behind it or pushes carts ahead on a fixed track, much like a train on a railroad track. By doing this, you can free up your workers’ precious time and reduce their risk of injury. When very little (if any) manpower is required to move these loads, things run more smoothly.

Features of Caster Concepts’ Drive Caster

Aside from its motorized style, the Drive Caster offers up many other benefits for you to consider. These include:

  • Easy installation and retrofitting. The Drive Caster is a self-contained unit that integrates the caster and the motor. It’s easy to install, even on existing equipment.
  • Simple integration and automation capabilities. If you are already utilizing a track movement system or line delivery cart, or if you’re interested in automating part of the load movement processes in your facility, we provide encoders for automation and control units for making integration into your existing setup easier.
  • Easy to use. The controls are incredibly simple for anyone to use, and thanks to the tank-style steering, even maneuvering around corners is a breeze.
  • Customizable for heavy loads and faster speeds. If you need your loads to travel at speeds greater than two miles per hour or more support than a single-wheel setup can provide, remember these things are scalable. Add more drive casters to boost both speed and capacity.

Towing loads from one place to the next can take time and resources, and if you haven’t chosen the right casters for the job, it may even increase the risk of injury. Our trademarked Drive Casters were designed to simplify these processes, reduce risk, enhance productivity, and help you make more money. Learn more by contacting us or by calling 888-772-6790.