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A wide variety of caster options are available for heavy duty industrial casters. Many of these not only improve function – but also provide safety and add longevity to the product. These options can all be added at the time of manufacturing or often after the caster is fully assembled.

Some of the most popular options include:

Brakes come in many styles: wrap-around, single-side, poly cam, tread, face contact, and dual side brakes are all available based on application.

Reinforced Legs either angle iron on the outside of the leg or gussets on the inside serve to strengthen the caster when exposed to side loading.

Seals are available for both the wheel and the swivel sections which can eliminate most contamination and hence extend the life of the caster.

Steering Tubes are used on industrial casters that carry heavy loads and need to be manipulated in very tight places.

Swivel Locks will turn a swivel caster into a rigid caster, hence improving the control when being transported.

Wheel Locks are meant to keep a cart in position and prevent it from rolling away from a work area. Locks are not meant to hold a caster in place on an incline and they are not designed to be a mechanism of slowing a cart that is in motion.

Toe Guards are a very effective, an underutilized option to prevent foot injuries. Caster Concepts toe guards are designed into the original caster.

Track Wipers are utilized when any type of wheel is running on a track where debris can stop the movement.

Selection of the proper caster and caster option(s) can save time and money on the shop floor and also provide safety and improved performance in the harshest manufacturing environments.

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