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More Caster Options

Caster Concepts offers an extensive range of heavy duty industrial caster wheel options that provide extra protection against debris, build up and more. Our wide product range includes threaded zerks, toe guard, track brush wiper wheels, sealed bearing wheels and a whole lot more. Scroll down below to check out our heavy duty caster options!

  • Threaded Zerks Caster

    Threaded Zerks

    Threaded Zerks Grease fittings for every size caster.

  • Toe Guard Wheels

    Toe Guard

    The Toe Guard helps protect workers’ feet and can be used in both manual and power applications.

  • Track Brush Wiper

    Track Brush Wiper

    Track brush wiper for extra protection against debris and build up.

  • Sealed Caster Wheels

    Sealed Wheels

    Rubber inserts provide maximum protection against debris within sealed wheels.

  • Heavy Duty Casters with Steering Tubes

    Casters With Steering Tubes

    Slots for steering handles allow precision motion control for casters with steering tubes.

  • Angle Reinforced Legs - Caster Wheels

    Angle Reinforced Legs

    Heavy-duty angle reinforced legs provide maximum strength and rigidity.

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