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One of the greatest benefits that industrial casters can provide is improved ergonomic performance! Ergonomic caster wheels can significantly reduce force exerted to move and turn, resulting in reduced risk of injury and potentially increase productivity.

Caster Concepts has developed a complete line of ergonomic casters, wheels and related accessories for companies, engineered to reduce initial, continuous and turning push/pull force. Products range from our patented TWERGO® wheels that achieve unrivalled force reduction, to the Drive Caster®, the first motor powered industrial caster that can move extremely heavy loads effortlessly.

Ergonomic Caster Wheels

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  • TWERGO ® Wheels

    TWERGO ® Wheels

    The ULTIMATE Ergonomic wheels, thanks to an innovative multiple wheel-in-one design coupled with a patented face design. TWERGO® reduces initial force exerted by an average of 25%, while the multiple independently spinning wheels, reduce force exerted to turn. TWERGO® minimizes scrubbing and damage to flooring, resulting in a smoother movement without friction.

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  • TWERGO ® Lite

    TWERGO ® Lite

    Ergonomic Wheel that take advantage of TWERGO ® Patented Parabolic Face design, which reduces initial and continuous push force, while the rounded tread design, dispels debris and makes turning easier. These wheels can carry heavy loads and are extremely rugged, thanks to their cast iron cores.

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  • Round Tread Wheels

    Round Tread Wheels

    Ergonomic wheels with an aluminum core, the rounded tread design helps to reduce initial and continuous push force. Caster Concepts offer these wheels in a wide variety of tread formulations, optimizing performance in various applications and environments. These wheels have lower load capacities than similar diameter industrial wheels.

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  • Swivel on Swivel (SoS) Caster

    Swivel on Swivel (SoS) Caster

    Quite possibly the most ergonomic caster on the market, the dual swivel section design achieves up to 40% reduction in push force when starting to roll and the wheels are not all parallel, also virtually eliminates shifting when maneuvering up to 180* turns

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  • Optional Equipment

    Optional Equipment

    We offer a large selection of options for your ergonomic caster, such as our newly developed, cutting edge, Total Lock Brake, a single action locks both the wheel and the swivel section, controlled by a foot pedal to eliminate exertion from bending.

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  • Overexertion


    (due to an external force) is the leading cause of non-fatal injury in the workplace, the impact is tremendous to both employee and employer. That is why Caster Concepts has developed several products that are focused on reducing push pull force and exertion, through casters and wheels. All to often, those little wheels on the bottom, are overlooked, and in reality, those little wheels have a huge impact on force required to start and keep rolling, maneuvering and turning.

    We offer a complete line of Ergonomic Casters, Wheels, Rigs, Tread Materials and Accessories, designed to reduce stress and strain on the operator. Ultimately reducing the risk of injuries caused by overexertion and repetitive motions. Whether its pushing a cart, or engaging a braking mechanism, we realize that performing the same tasks several times a day, wears on the body and creates the risk of injury due to sprains, strains and repetitive motions.

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  • ErgoTread Polyurethane

    ErgoTread Polyurethane

    Ergonomic polyurethane tread material that is formulated to return energy, reducing force exerted to start and keep rolling. This formulation is exceptional resistant to collecting debris, minimizing

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