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Pros and Cons of Pneumatic Tires in Heavy Duty Industrial Caster Applications with Heavy Duty Casters

Pneumatic tires are a popular wheel option in industrial caster applications. Pneumatic tires are wheels with a metal hub with a rubber tire mounted to it. The tire is filled with air or foam to a desired pressure level to achieve the appropriate load and deflection characteristics. There are many benefits to using this type of wheel as well as a few drawbacks. This article will discuss the pros and cons of pneumatic tires  in your caster application.


Pneumatic tires have many benefits in industrial caster applications.  The main benefit is the ability to absorb shock loads from impacts and cushion the load.  Pneumatics are used in applications with uneven or bumpy terrain or where the contents of the cart must not be subjected to sudden shock loads.  Pneumatic tires can also be used off-road as they can absorb the unevenness of off road terrain.  These wheels lend themselves well to applications that require both off-road an on pavement operation.  Pneumatic tires are also quiet in use because of the soft rubber tread and shock absorbing ability.  This helps improve the working conditions of the personnel since they are not subjected to loud noises which could damage their hearing.


There are also some drawbacks to using pneumatic wheels in industrial caster applications.  One drawback is the wheels require more force to start in motion.  This is due to the large footprint and deflection of the air filled tire.  This large footprint also makes the wheels harder to swivel and often the caster will require a longer swivel lead.  Because the wheels are lighter, the chance of caster wheel flutter also increases, which can be negated by the increased swivel lead.  Another drawback to pneumatic wheels is the increased maintenance of having to monitor air pressure because the wheels are easy to puncture, which results in flats.  One way to get around this is to fill the wheels with polyurethane foam, which prevents flats but reduces the cushioning affect of the wheels.

Pneumatic tires can provide some great benefits in industrial caster applications, such as shock absorbing and providing the ability to go off-road.  However, there are drawbacks such as reduced roll-ability and increased chance of flutter that must be dealt with.  When taking these factors into consideration when designing the pneumatic tire for your industrial caster application, your chances for success are greatly improved.

The engineering staff at Caster Concepts, Inc. has many years of experience in the use of pneumatic tired wheels in industrial applications. Up front planning for new applications will provide you with extend use and low maintenance experience. Trust the experience of Caster Concepts, Inc to meet all your industrial casters needs.


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