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Dual wheels casters have two wheels for every plate. This allows them to bear more weight more evenly, which is an important consideration for heavy duty industrial applications. Double wheel casters allow you to spread a huge amount of weight proportionately over a bigger wheel surface. This weight distribution minimizes the damage to floors and reduces the overall size of the cart to save and saving space on the plant floor. In a dual-wheel configuration, there is also very little scrubbing of the wheels. As the force is applied, causing swiveling of a dual wheel caster, one wheel will turn clockwise while the other wheel rotates counterclockwise, reducing wheel scrubbing and making the swiveling of heavy loads a much simpler process.

Ergonomic casters create less friction with the ground. This benefit can significantly reduce the force exerted to move and turn a cart or dollie. Easier movement results in reduced risk of injury and the associated costs and potentially increased productivity. These benefits are realized with tapered treads, independently rotating wheels and round wheels. In addition, Swivel on swivel designs offer longer leads than conventional casters and reduce the force required to rotate the caster and start it rolling while reducing side-to-side shifting. Higher-profile wheels can also increase carrying capacity without changing wheel size.

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