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Kingpin casters are an original and traditional caster design that has been used for a long time. They feature a design where a kingpin holds together two sets of bearings, one on top and one on the bottom. A stem, typically a threaded bolt with a slotted nut or sometimes a rivet, is used to fasten the components of the swivel section to the top plate. The kingpin design utilizes a load bearing and thrust bearing to transmit the load.

  • The kingpin allows for adjustment as the swivel section wears, which can extend the caster’s life.
  • Thrust Bearings: Kingpin casters can accommodate thrust bearings. This is especially beneficial for applications with continuous use, such as automated systems, where the caster experiences frequent movement.

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Pneumatic Rubber Swivel Caster

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  • 90 Series Large Pneumatic Caster Wheel

    25×7.50/10 Pneumatic Rubber Swivel Caster

    $1,080.90$1,423.70 Caster components that fall outside of a standard solution affects costs, as well as a variety of other factors explained here. Listed pricing doesn’t include optional equipment such as toe guards, or swivel locks, which can increase cost significantly. Quantity based buying can also decrease overall costs but is still subject to current market conditions.
    Price range does not include options or accessories*
    Engineered Casters Produced and Shipped in 4 Days
    Series: 90
    Capacity: 3,630 lbs
    SKU: 90-25609-76-1
    PRICE: $1080.9
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