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We assign each custom-designed caster a part number that begins with SP or SPD. This process identifies it as belonging to the customer who requested the design.

Why is this beneficial? A unique caster design is created for your company and no one else. This enables you to update or change your design at any time without changing the part number. You also have the option to view and approve a drawing before it goes to the manufacturing floor. If your need for a caster does not fit any of our standard casters, you’re not stuck! We can change things like overall height and width, mounting plate size, bolt pattern, swivel lead length, and more.


Take the weight of the load being carried and add the weight of the cart together. Take that total and divide it by three, which will give you the minimum rated load capacity each caster should have. This is also applicable for carts where a four-caster configuration is desired. (Division by three instead of four is due to the fact that three points make a plane, as well as that uneven floor surfaces frequently require three casters to carry the entire load.)


Caster Concepts has built a reputation for solving problems in the material handling industry. We are experts in application engineering and have over 150 years of cumulative experience devising solutions to customer challenges. In fact, a great deal of our business is the design and construction of custom and special casters. Please contact us via Live Chat or call 517-680-7950 for additional information and let Caster Concepts design a permanent solution to your motion challenge.