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CasterShoX® FAQ’s

Q: What is CasterShoX®?

TWERGO® is a twin or triple wheel-in-one, TWERGO® Lite is a single wheel. Both wheels utilize our patented parabolic face design and are ergonomic. They both achieve significant reductions in initial push force and force needed to continue rolling. However, TWERGO® Lite ergonomic benefits start to diminish at 2,800 lbs and TWERGO® achieves ergonomic benefits at much greater weights. Also, TWERGO®‘s multiple, independently spinning wheels offer reduced friction when turning, resulting in lower push force to turn and maneuver.

Q: How is CasterShoX® different than traditional casters?

Dollar for Dollar TWERGO® Lite is the best value in a single wheel 2” wide caster. TWERGO® Lite was designed to help exceed Snook® push table recommendations for push force on carts with a total weight of 2,800lbs or less. TWERGO® Lite has all the benefits of a traditional caster, and adds ergonomic benefits of reduced initial and continuous push force. TWERGO® Lite is priced competitively to standard 2” wide casters, yet standard casters can’t compete with TWERGO® Lite.

Q: What’s the benefit of CasterShoX®?

TWERGO® Lite is available with any of Caster Concepts tread polyurethanes including TR 95, TR 85, HPPT, Dura, Standard and Ergo Treads. Shore hardness ranges from 84A to 95A, however we recommend the Ergo Tread for optimal ergonomic benefits. Custom polyurethane tread formulations are available, contact us for details.

Q: Why is reducing noise so important?

Yes, TWERGO® Lite can be used on powered applications, the HPPT tread material is recommended for those applications. However, the original TWERGO® wheel offers significantly greater benefits for powered applications, including higher weight capacities, and reduced friction when turning which allows for longer trains.

Q: What is the load capacity for CasterShoX®?

The ShoX® absorption system maximum load capacity is 1,200 lbs per caster

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