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V-Groove Casters


V-Groove casters are rigid casters that travel on a pre-designed track. Typically, V-Groove casters are designed to carry loads of 1,000 lbs up to 15,000 lbs. When running any wheel on a track, the hardness of the wheel and the hardness of the track should “match” to ensure a prolonged life of the wheel and the track. If they are not matched, excessive wear can occur. V-Groove casters are highly adaptable and can operate on angle iron track or on normal floor surfaces.


Hot Forged Steel
Machined Concentric Grooves
15,000 lbs Max. Capacity


V-Groove casters are used to guide equipment that run on a track within a manufacturing environment. These casters are capable of guiding industrial ovens, paint booths and other similar equipment. Please use the special form for submission of measurements.


For special applications various sizes and shapes of grooves can be designed and machined to meet the most difficult and demanding applications.

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V-Groove Casters
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