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Caster’s Triple Threat – The TWERGO® Caster for Heavy Loads, Initial Push Force Reduction, and Maintenance-Free Operation

June 5, 2018

Caster’s Triple Threat – The TWERGO® Caster for Heavy Loads, Initial Push Force Reduction, and Maintenance-Free Operation

When it comes to casters in the workplace, many people do not put much time into truly considering their importance. Casters that are not right for the application can cause numerous issues leading to injury, downtime, and even equipment damage. The TWERGO® caster was designed to help eliminate these risks, so it’s certainly a triple threat to the existing casters in your place of business.

The Three Major Considerations

Choosing just the right casters for your application requires some thought, but there are three very important things to keep in mind along the way. These are the size of your load, the force required to push that load, and the casters’ maintenance requirements.

  • Load Weight – First things first, it’s important to think about the maximum load you will need your casters to support. Fortunately, TWERGO® casters come in various sizes and can support loads of up to 4200 pounds per caster. By adding additional casters, it’s possible to move loads weighing many tons.
  • Initial Push Force – The initial push force is a huge consideration since the majority of workers compensation claims are the result of overexertion injuries. TWERGO® casters are uniquely designed to reduce not only the initial push force, but also friction when navigating around corners. This can drastically reduce the risk of injuries, protecting both your workers and your equipment.
  • Maintenance Requirements – Most of today’s casters require at least some maintenance, but fortunately, TWERGO® casters were designed to be maintenance-free. The wheel cores are made from die-cast aluminum that is lightweight and strong, and the bearings are completely sealed so they never need lubrication.

Reasons to Choose TWERGO®

Our TWERGO® wheels truly are a triple threat in terms of overcoming the three biggest problems you might face. Aside from there are many other reasons to choose this patented caster.

  • Reduced Wear – Though TWERGO® wheels are maintenance-free, they are still designed to wear far more slowly than other casters like it. This is due to the unique parabolic wheel face, thick tapered tread, and durable aluminum wheel core that is rust- and corrosion-resistant. What’s more, the precision sealed ball bearings last longer than their unsealed counterparts, even without maintenance.
  • Reduced Friction – TWERGO® wheels are designed to reduce friction at all times – not just when it comes to initial push force. The parabolic wheel face comes into play here once again by decreasing the force required to start the casters moving, but other features, such as the double- or triple-wheel design and independently rotating wheels also play a role. The tread is designed to push debris out of the way, which can prevent risk and damage to the caster or the load.

Our patented and revolutionary TWERGO® wheels are truly a triple threat. Not only can they support loads weighing in at multiple tons, but they can do so while reducing the force required to start movement. Even though they are designed to outlast other casters of the same size and capacity, they require no maintenance, which helps to decrease your costs and increase productivity at the same time.

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