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Like all our ergonomic TWERGO® wheels, TWERGO MAXX tread minimizes friction and eliminates scrubbing and sliding when the wheel is turning. It’s the same great features of our original TWERGO Wheels but designed in a barbell configuration with the wheels on the outside of the rig.

This design helps disperse weight and puts more rubber on the road, giving you a maximum capacity of 3.500 pounds per caster and maximum economic benefits!


Heavy Duty CastersTWERGO® Twin- and Triple-wheel designs have independently spinning wheels that can rotate in either direction and at any rate, minimizing friction when turning and maneuvering. They are designed for a wide variety of industrial applications, ensuring casters that utilize TWERGO® wheels provide easier movement of loaded carts or vehicles. Overall, this configuration offers many benefits:

  • It significantly reduces push/pull force while giving operators the ability to move even heavier loads.
  • All wheels rotate independently of each other and are designed to minimize rolling resistance.
  • The casters also have a very long tread life and are maintenance-free to extend use.



TWERGO® MAXX Ergonomic wheels are great for AGV’s and Tuggers where high weight capacities are needed. They are reliable at higher speeds and are available in two-and three-wheel configurations.

Heavy Duty CastersDiscover What TWERGO® MAXX Can Do For You

Discover What TWERGO® MAXX Can Do For You
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