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Case Study: Heavy Duty TWERGO® for Aerospace Tooling Fabricator

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A tooling fabricator working on a job for a major aerospace manufacturer needed a very specific caster that met load capacity, ergonomic, and safety standards.

The tooling manufacturer has worked with Caster Concepts’ TWERGO® ergonomic products before and been pleased with their performance. However, what they needed now had a different, more heavy-duty use with other specifications required by their client. Not being able to meet specific requirements would likely damage the trust and reputation they had with the aerospace manufacturer.

The engineering team at Caster Concepts designed their largest TWERGO® wheels to date that managed a capacity of 14,000 lbs. per caster with a specific PSI, which was accomplished by creating wheels with extra thick tread to disperse the weight. The caster also met the fabricator’s safety requirements by including locks, brakes, and toe guards.

Side View of Heavy Duty TWERGO® Caster

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The tooling fabricator was able to complete the aerospace manufacturer’s job successfully and continue to build trust with an important account.

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