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The term “heavy duty casters” refers to numerous things, and what one company might consider heavy duty, another considers far too small for its needs. For the most abusive applications out there, which involve sideloading with forklifts or moving loads across potholes and imperfections, Caster Concepts’ new Hercules heavy duty caster is a cut above the rest.


What Makes the Hercules So Strong?

The Hercules heavy duty caster was designed to provide some additional safeguards when being used in demanding situations. They offer:

Reinforced legs to prevent against damage caused by side impacts from forklifts and/or track channels, which reduces the need to replace casters frequently.

Prolonged lifespan in particularly abusive situations thanks to its amazing construction and materials, which reduces overall maintenance costs and downtimes associated with caster replacement.

Smooth rotation and extended lead to make it easier for operators to move loads, thus reducing the risk of workplace injuries, which saves even more money and improves workplace morale; and

Maintenance-free swivels and wheels that use precision-sealed ball bearings requiring no lubrication and specially-formulated polyurethane wheels that help to dispel debris while reducing the risk of flat spots.


Who Can Benefit from the Hercules Heavy Duty Caster?

The Hercules heavy duty caster is perfect for applications in which ergonomic casters are preferable, but simply not strong enough to withstand the abuses of the environment. If flooring is inconsistent, riddled with potholes, or often covered in debris, the Hercules casters are an amazing alternative to more traditional ergonomic casters. They are also perfect for towed dollies and applications in which fork truck damage from side impacts is common.

Hercules heavy duty casters come with several optional features, as well, to make the workplace even safer. These include toe guards, swivel locks, and more. If you are concerned about a unique top plate size or bolt pattern, the experts at Caster Concepts can custom-design Hercules casters to suit your exact needs, too. Clients can choose from any available polyurethane wheel.

How to Get Hercules Casters for Your Company

If you are interested in learning more about how Hercules heavy duty casters can benefit your company and employees, feel free to contact Caster Concepts by filling out the form at the bottom of their website, calling them at 888-793-8453, or placing your order for Hercules casters online. It’s also easy to request a quote in just a few minutes using the online quote form. You will receive your quote via email quickly, allowing you to make the best decisions for your company’s unique needs. You can also use the CAD configurator to upload your own specifications and work directly with the Caster Concepts engineers to get custom caster products for your individual requirements.

Hercules heavy duty casters are ideal in situations when standard ergonomic casters simply cannot stand up to the stresses and abuses of the workplace. They offer many of the same features – unsurpassed rollability, reduced initial push force, and a maintenance-free design – in a reinforced caster wheel that can withstand forklifts and many other common abuses associated with your industry.