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A safer workplace can benefit everyone. The employees benefit from fewer injuries and better morale, and the employer benefits from fewer workers compensation claims and more productivity. If you’re looking for heavy duty casters that can help you create a safer workplace this spring, check out some of the options below from Caster Concepts.


Shock absorption is necessary in the workplace for many reasons, but it’s especially necessary for employees who move heavy loads that can vibrate and/or shift. The CasterShoX line of casters was designed to deal with this unique problem by building patented shock-absorbing technology right into the caster itself. It contains a fully-enclosed shock absorber built into the core, and not only does this reduce vibration and the risk of physical injury, but it also reduces noise in the workplace – something that causes injury over time.


If you’re looking for the absolute best of the best in an ergonomic caster, the TWERGO line fits the bill. These heavy duty casters offer up a variety of benefits and features that will help you make the workplace safer. They include a significant reduction in the initial force required to start moving a load, which can drastically reduce the risk over overexertion injuries. They will also move freely around corners and obstacles with far less scrubbing, protecting your employees and preventing damage to your floors.

Round Tread Wheels

Round tread caster wheels are also quite ergonomic. This line of casters boasts several polyurethane tread formulations to suit a variety of applications. The round tread offers slightly lower weight capacities than others, but there are high capacity models available, nonetheless. Some of them offer tear resistance and moderate elasticity; others are designed to be used with powered applications like tugs and AGVs. A handful even reduce noise and provides debris resistance, extending the life of the wheel.

Swivel-on-Swivel Casters

Swivel on swivel (or SoS) casters are arguably some of the most ergonomic casters on the market today, and that means an incredibly safe workplace. These casters offer a reduction in push force of up to 40% in some applications, and thanks to the unique design, side to side shifting can be virtually eliminated. Because of the dual-swivel design, operators can easily move the wheels to the forward or backward position from 180 degrees, and this goes a long way toward reducing fatigue.

Motor Powered Casters

Finally, motor-powered casters like the Drive Caster line can improve workplace safety a great deal. These are designed to help move loads weighing tons with very little effort. In many cases, it is possible for a single operator to move several tons with very little risk of injury. These casters are designed to be used as part of the Drive Caster kit, which includes a motor and control center along with the power source and wiring. Additional drive casters can improve speed or capacity to your precise needs. 

Caster Concepts offers these unique casters and more to help you make your workplace safer and more productive. You can learn more about the options we offer by visiting our website or by giving us a call. We also design and manufacture custom casters to suit your toughest jobs, and there is no application too demanding.