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Many manufacturing plants, especially in the automotive industry, use Line Delivery Carts in their manufacturing process. Most require Heavy Duty Casters for Line Delivery Carts because of the weight the carts carry or the demanding applications they are used in.

Heavy Duty Line Delivery Cart Casters

Line Delivery Carts get to enjoy, consistent use, some plants may run 3 shifts for a full 24 hour day, meaning those carts are constantly being used. These carts may be loaded by forklift, with a load being dropped down on them, creating several thousands of pounds of pressure, directly impacting the casters. Some carts are used in a mother daughter configuration where the daughter cart is part of the mother cart and travels perpendicular to the mother cart, putting the caster wheels in a position where they can be hit by debris or railing or other objects. Line Delivery Carts are often pulled by a Tug, creating a tug train, the longer the train gets, the greater the friction caused when turning on the carts towards the end of the train. That friction is very demanding on the wheels and tread material covering those wheels.

We have found that adding shock absorbing heavy duty casters for line delivery carts  to the carts towards the rear of the train, reduces friction and allows for longer trains. At one of our customers, adding a shock absorbing caster enabled the train to go from four carts to six carts, that’s about a 50% increase in productivity. Line delivery carts are often pulled by a tug to a location an area and then manually moved to a specific precise location. Because of the manual movement, load capacity is reduced in order to achieve acceptable force exertion requirements. Capacity can be increased on these carts while achieving push pull force requirements by using TWERGO® wheels. TWERGO® wheels offer independent rolling multi wheel-in-one design.