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In the aerospace industry, moving parts from one location to the next can be quite the challenge. Massive, heavy parts dominate the assembly space. Fortunately, the right heavy duty steel caster wheels can make things safer, simpler, and more productive. Here are some of the recommended options to keep things moving smoothly in the aerospace industry.

Aircraft Engine Stand Casters

Aircraft engines weigh several tons, but moving them across a production floor is still important. Aircraft engine stand casters go a long way toward ensuring safety during movement. They come with pneumatic dual wheels, and they can hold up to 7200 pounds for each caster wheel. They’re also perfect for wet and dry environments, which makes them ideal for on-the-spot repairs.

Heavy Duty Dual Wheel with Brake

These wheels are constructed of seriously heavy duty materials – polyurethane on iron – and they offer a max capacity of 50,000 pounds for each caster. This makes them perfect for the heaviest of loads, and because they come with a foot brake designed to lock the wheels in place after movement and placement, they can also enhance safety tremendously.

Air Cargo Weight Cart Caster

These caster wheels were designed to have some of the best shock absorption features in the industry, and because of this, they are perfect for carrying fragile loads across uneven floors that may be littered with obstacles. They offer swivels at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions that make movement and turning on a dime a snap. Each caster can hold up to 12,500 pounds, too, which makes them great for use with even the heaviest loads.

Ground Support Equipment Casters

Ground support equipment is crucial to the repair and maintenance of aircraft, and the right casters keep them in good working order. These are completely ergonomic, so they require very little force to push and turn. They come with a foot pedal brake for additional safety, and they are virtually maintenance-free, which means workers can spend more time focused on their jobs and less time maintaining their ground support equipment.

Pneumatic Wheel Swivel Caster

These pneumatic wheels make movement a breeze and they are perfect for use indoors and out. With the ability to carry up to 3630 pounds per caster, they are a great choice for medium- to heavy-duty applications as well. The pneumatic wheel makes them safer in many situations, including outdoors where obstacles are far more likely.

Drive Casters

Finally, drive casters offer employees the ability to move loads with extreme ease, and they can even reduce the number of operators required to move certain loads. Because of the drive motor, overexertion risks are virtually eliminated, and traditional carts can be converted to drive carts with a simple conversion kit, as well.

The aerospace industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The behind-the-scenes manufacturing processes play an important role in technological advances, and choosing the right casters facilitates a safer, more productive work environment.