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Hercules Casters deliver supreme strength in a standard size.

The durable and maintenance-free Hercules reinforced Caster has many of the same qualities as the Roman hero and god Hercules. Namely, superior strength. While these casters weren’t ordered to perform 12 heroic labors to prove their worth (more on that here), there are some heavy duty qualities about Hercules Casters that you might not know:

  1. They are close to being immortal.

    Hercules Casters are maintenance-free and last for years without any changes to their performance. Their maintenance-free swivel section contains sealed precision bearings. These bearings do not require adjustment or lubrication of the swivel section for the life of the caster. And because they last longer, it means you don’t have to replace your casters as often.

    They also have reinforced legs to prevent damage caused by side impacts from forklifts or track channels, reducing the frequency of caster replacement.


    This prolonged caster life is the stuff of legends, as shown in this case study involving carts whose rigs and wheels were constantly failing.
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  2. They were born to conquer challenging applications.

    Changing casters because they couldn’t stand up to your company’s difficult conditions costs you time and money. A Hercules Caster features reinforced legs to protect against severe side loading for forklifts and track channels and is designed to stand up to your most abusive applications, including:

    1. Inconsistent Flooring
    2. Fork Truck Damage Resulting from Severe Side or Impact Loading
    3. Potholes
  3.  They overcome obstacles

    Hercules Casters might not be able to overcome Cerberus, the three-headed dog. But they can defeat the push force exertion experienced by mere mortal cart operators. And these versatile casters can be designed to your specifications for bolt pattern type and are available with a toe guard, top plate, or swivel lock, depending on your needs.


Costly Caster Changover.

Caster changeover can be costly and can impact your business operations. That’s why our Hercules Casters offer supreme strength in a standard size. This includes the manufacture of the polyurethane wheels used in Hercules Casters. Caster Concepts develops custom polyurethane formulations in our own facility to ensure that the polyurethane that goes on your wheel is designed to exact specifications.  These custom polyurethane formulations ensure that you have the best tread formulation for your challenging industrial environment.

You can depend on the strength of Hercules Casters to handle the abuse from demanding material handling applications such as severe side or impact loading and surface challenges, including potholes or floor debris.

Hercules Casters

Hercules Casters minimize ergonomic forces and feature reinforced legs that can take the abuse that material handling applications dish out, including severe side loading and impact loading. They are available with a toe guard, top plate, or swivel lock depending on your needs.