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In certain industries, the need to move tons of material from one location to another safely and efficiently is crucial. Sometimes, the conditions within these facilities are extreme, as well. Our massive ultra-heavy-duty casters can support up to a quarter million pounds each, and they can operate safely with very little maintenance in almost any environment imaginable.

Lasting Durability

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to casters designed to move tons of weight is their overall durability. After all, if a caster fails on a cart loaded down with half a million pounds of material, this can put lives in danger. All of our ultra-heavy-duty casters are designed with materials that can withstand plenty of use. What’s more, we can custom engineer casters that suit your company’s unique needs, too. If your casters are tailored to your needs, they will simply last longer and provide more peace of mind.

Powered Movement

Loads this heavy are typically motorized, but there may come a time when employee assistance is required to move a cart or rack in a custom direction. Ultra-heavy-duty casters have drive options to provide motorized assistance when these movements are required. This not only makes the workplace more productive and efficient, but it further promotes employee safety at the same time. Many of the drive-assisted casters also come with braking technologies to further improve employee safety.

Dual-Wheel Options

Keeping a significantly large load close to the ground can lower the load’s center of mass and make it safer during transport. For this reason, ultra-heavy-duty casters with dual-wheel options are fantastic for larger, taller carts in many industries. They provide extra stability because they allow for multiples of smaller wheels, and they provide added support for loads that are impossible to balance perfectly.


The ergonomic design of our ultra-heavy-duty line of caster wheels helps to prevent employee injury, saving companies both time and money. Everything from the friction of the wheels on the floor surface to the ability for the casters to absorb shocks comes into play. These features allow employees to move heavy loads with far less risk of injury in the long run.

Environmentally Stable

Finally, ultra-heavy-duty casters are designed to withstand some of the most extreme environments in any industry. Whether you need to move carts filled with molten metal that reaches temperatures of thousands of degrees or you’re working in a virtual freezer, there is a caster wheel out there that can support a quarter million pounds all while resisting the effects of heat, moisture, chemicals, cold, and even imperfections in flooring materials.

We are an industry leader when it comes to creating and recommending the best possible casters for your needs. With ultra-heavy-duty casters that can support up to 250,000 pounds each and continue to remain durable despite some of the harshest conditions and environments, it becomes easy to see why so many companies turn to them for their caster needs.

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