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When it comes to the safe movement of machinery, cargo, and other loads in the ground support industry, it is essential to consider the fact that not all loads are equal. In fact, there are cases in which ground support crews must move loads more than a quarter million pounds, and not just any caster can handle that kind of stress. Our ultra-heavy-duty casters are the perfect solution for ground support for the following five reasons.

Stable in Outdoor Environments

Much of the activity in the ground support industry takes place outdoors, where conditions can be difficult to predict and, in some cases, extreme. Our 250,000lb weight capacity ultra-heavy-duty casters were designed with this in mind. They can withstand virtually any condition imaginable, including wintry precipitation, chemicals, uneven pavement or ground, water, heat, and much more. Because our casters can easily withstand these elements, the benefits to the ground control industry are clear.


Casters that can support up to 250,000 pounds of weight require quite a bit of work to install and change, and that’s why we focused on longevity during the development process. Ground support crews work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year, and they expect that their equipment will work for them without incident. Because our massive casters are fabricated from high-quality materials and engineered to last, they are a perfect fit for numerous industries including ground support and others.

Drive Options

Moving 250,000 pounds across the runway or tarmac manually is not only difficult, but also downright dangerous. As a result, our ultra-heavy-duty casters offer drive options – motorized assistance – that makes such movement safer and simpler. This keeps ground support crews and employees safer, improves their overall morale, reduces insurance claims, and saves companies money in the end.

Dual-Wheel Configuration

Part of safely moving a tremendously heavy load involves keeping the center of mass low to the ground. By reducing the size of our ultra-heavy-duty caster wheels and utilizing a dual-wheel configuration, our clients can access casters that will support as much as 250,000 pounds without raising the center of mass more than is absolutely necessary. The result is a lower-profile load and unsurpassed safety – particularly when it comes to loads that are difficult to balance correctly.

Safety and Ergonomics

Finally, at the forefront of any airline’s mind is employee and passenger safety. In fact, ergonomics is at the very core of our ultra-heavy-duty caster design. Thanks to our innovation and attention to detail, our casters prevent employee injury and potential disaster. Features like reduced friction over various flooring materials (both indoors and out), shock absorption, and in some cases even maintenance-free design are all important features that are included in our massive casters.

The ground support industry is known for its massive loads, especially when it comes to the need to prop an entire aircraft for repair or maintenance. Here at Caster Concepts, things like environmental stability, safety, and longevity go into each and every caster we produce. Our ultra-heavy-duty casters capable of safety supporting up to 250,000 pounds are no different.

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