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If you’re running a manufacturing facility, a warehouse, or any other type of company that requires the movement of exceptionally heavy loads from one location to another, you should always be on the lookout for technologies that can help eliminate risk while boosting productivity at the same time. One of these technologies is quite simple – it’s the casters that support and move your loads. Replacing these with drive casters may be one of the best decisions you could ever make.

What Is a Drive Caster?

A drive caster is simply a caster that is attached to a motorized unit. The caster and the motor are 100% integrated, which means all you need is a control module and battery to start moving tons of weight effortlessly. Drive casters support up to 2000 pounds of dead weight each, and they can tow up to 5000 pounds of weight each. If your loads are heavier, you can double up the casters per cart to also double their capacities. Drive casters make it much, much simpler to move loads, and they do so while reducing the risk of injury and freeing up other workers to focus on their jobs.

How Do Drive Casters Reduce the Risk of Injury?

The most common workplace injury – and the most common workers compensation claim – is overexertion. Pulled muscles, sprains, and strains are all too common in locations where heavy loads need to be transported from one location to another, and these claims cost companies across the country billions of dollars every single year. When you replace your standard casters with drive casters, there is zero exertion required to move loads. Workers simply utilize the controls to maneuver the rack or cart wherever it needs to go, and there’s no need to worry about friction or exertion in this case. With reduced injuries, you’ll save money and enhance your bottom line.

Incredible Boost to Productivity

If your facility must regularly move multi-ton loads without the help of drive casters, this means several workers must come together to move the cart or rack safely. Just getting started requires quite a bit of force, and maneuvering around corners can be tricky, as well. When you choose to install drive casters instead, all of this can be accomplished by just one worker operating the controls. Other workers can remain focus on their tasks, which can have a tremendous impact on your company’s ability to move forward. It saves time, and in most industries, time is money. Think of the enhanced production when workers no longer need to come together as groups to move heavy loads.

Our Drive casters were designed to be safer and simpler to use than other casters. Not only do they significantly reduce risk, but they also boost productivity. Because of their innovative design, they can be retrofitted for nearly any application. If you’re using automation, you can even choose an encoder to reduce the need for manpower altogether.