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The question “How long do casters last?” is an often-asked question. The materials used and their construction play a big part, but many times the biggest consideration deals with the price. Making decisions based mainly on price may work in the short term but definitely not in the long run.  Because in many instances, an undersized, imported caster rig is selected. This may make purchasing happy, but the added cost is going to rear its ugly head during the life cycle of the caster.

A caster with too small or inconsistent swivel section (think undersized) will progressively become more difficult to push. Once this happens, the potential for back injuries become more common and the rate of caster replacement increases.

A good example of this happened to a large food processor. They were experiencing frequent caster and wheel failure due to moisture, which was causing the bearing to seize in the swivel section which eventually fractured the kingpin. Their existing phenolic resin wheel couldn’t hold up to the continual wash-down environment. In the end, significant downtime and frequent repair costs became an issue.

Caster Concepts engineered a solution with a sealed swivel bearing to prevent moisture from entering the raceway with a moisture-resistant poly wheel. So, while the initial cost was 3 times greater than the original inferior caster from a competitor, the new caster had a life cycle 5 times greater than the original caster.

Down-time due to caster failure and replacement costs was reduced by more than 50%. There was also a 75% decrease in maintenance labor costs. The customer estimated that the ROI over a one-year period of time was in excess of 75% for this product.

Maintenance-free Casters.

Getting a long life out of a caster is also achieved with a maintenance-free design. Caster Concept’s line of Maintenance Free Rigs are designed to reduce the force exerted to turn, or start rolling when all of the wheels are not parallel. These wheels feature sealed precision ball bearings and hardened raceways which helps to ensure consistent performance.  And, of course, are designed to last for years.

Twergo wheels are noted for their many ergonomic benefits, but longevity is also a major benefit. These wheels are designed to last longer, with aluminum cores that won’t rust or corrode, maintenance-free, precision-sealed bearings that never need greasing and result in less scrubbing on the tread material to reduce wear. When you replace your casters less frequently, there is less downtime, which boosts your earnings.

Ensuring the longevity of caster wheels is also enhanced with options such as toe guards and track wipers that will increase the life of a wheel dramatically.
The toe guard wraps around the wheel of the caster, protecting it from obstructions on the floor; while the track wiper acts as a broom, sweeping away harmful debris.