Efficiency and productivity are the two most important workplace considerations if you want to generate as much revenue as possible. So, how do you get your employees to work efficiently without sacrificing quality or their safety to do it? Below are five essential tips that can help you help your employees and give your company’s revenue a serious boost.

#1 – Keep Morale High

A major way to ensure your employees remain as efficient and productive as possible is simple: keep them happy! The higher the morale in the workplace, the better your employees will feel, and the more loyal they will be to their employers. In a study by Deloitte, 83% of executives and 84% of employees rank having engaged and motivated employees are the top factors that substantially contributes to a company’s success.

Some of the best ways to boost morale include praising employees for their actions, hosting company picnics and events, and just being present in your employees’ everyday lives. They spend a huge portion of the day at work, so it’s essential to make that part of their day as enjoyable as possible.

#2 – Address Safety Concerns Immediately

If your employees are concerned about their safety, it’s a good bet that they are not as productive and efficient as they could be. If safety issues result in injury or illness, this takes a tremendous toll on your company. One big cause of injury is when a material handling cart’s initial push force is too high, resulting in overexertion.

TWERGO® caster wheels are uniquely designed to reduce not only the initial push force but also friction when navigating around corners. This can drastically reduce the risk of injuries, protecting both your workers and your equipment.

Any way to significantly reduce employee injury is a boost to the bottom line. This is especially true when injuries are severe enough to warrant workers’ compensation claims, which can drive up your insurance premiums. Injuries can also result in employees taking time off work. When this happens, employers spend more time and money to hire and train someone new who isn’t as familiar with your company.

#3 – Don’t Shy Away from New Technology

Employers who shy away from the latest trends and technologies often end up sacrificing a great deal of their companies’ efficiency, even if they don’t realize it. New technology is often designed specifically for productivity and often creates manufacturing jobs. Utilizing it helps level the playing field for many small- to mid-sized manufacturers.

Though you can’t dive into every new gadget or piece of software you come across, it’s worth it to look through industry trends now and then. That way you can see what’s working for other companies. Even something as simple as new casters designed for your industry could have a considerable impact.

#4 – Employee Engagement: Holding Employee Meetings Regularly

By taking the time to meet with your employees regularly – and not just people in management – you can help those employees feel as if their voices matter. No one wants to think that they’ve given a majority of their life to their employer for little recognition and zero job satisfaction.  The more interaction and feedback you can provide, the better. Employees who have their voices heard are more likely to remain loyal to their employers, which can make them far more productive.

#5 – Share Your Successes

Finally, if your employees’ productivity and efficiency positively impact your company’s revenue, be sure to share those successes with them. Consider offering them bonuses, hosting dinners, or giving away prizes. Maybe provide an additional PTO day. These things help your employees feel excited about coming to work, and they can also drive loyalty when combined with some of the other bits of advice above.

Improving efficiency and productivity in the workplace is essential for driving revenue forward and helping your company grow. All five of these tips will go a long way toward helping you make the right choices to keep your employees safe, happy, and productive.