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Many manufacturing plants like those found in the automotive industry use Line Delivery Carts and most of these carts require Heavy Duty Casters.  And it’s easy to see why.

Line Delivery Carts experience constant use, with some plants running 3 shifts around the clock. They also don’t get a break when it comes to demanding conditions. Forklifts often load these carts, which can create several thousands of pounds of pressure.  The impact of forklifts can also create severe side loading, which can damage the caster.

In instances like these, Hercules Casters feature reinforced legs to protect against side impact associated with forklifts and track channels. They also utilize a maintenance-free swivel section with sealed precision bearings in the wheels for prolonged use to minimize the costs of caster replacement.

Line Delivery Carts are often pulled by a Tug, creating a tug train. The longer the train gets, the greater the friction experienced by the end carts when turning. That friction is very demanding on the wheels and tread material covering those wheels. Fortunately, choosing the right heavy-duty caster is the best way to prevent these problems.

Productivity turns for the better.

By adding shock-absorbing heavy-duty casters to the line delivery carts near the rear of the train, friction is reduced. This allows for more carts and longer trains. One Caster Concepts customer added a shock absorbing caster which enabled their train to go from four carts to six carts. That’s about a 50% increase in productivity!

Shock-absorbing casters also help reduce cart noise. Caster Concepts can design many combinations of caster spring capacity, which provide varying load capacity and degrees of noise reduction at predetermined weights. These spring-loaded casters will carry loads from a few hundred pounds to more than 20,000 pounds.

Once these Line Delivery Carts get to their destination, they are often moved by hand to get to a specific location. If the push force is too high on these carts to move manually, the load capacity must be reduced. If a significant amount of weight must be removed, that means productivity will also take a hit.

To help reduce push force and increase the capacity that can be safely moved, TWERGO® wheels are a popular choice and offer independent rolling in a multi wheel-in-one design.

Industrial heavy-duty casters for Line Delivery Carts come in many options.  Whether you are looking for standard heavy-duty steel casters, need them to lock or swivel, or offer shock absorption, we have hundreds of solutions.  You don’t have to trade toughness for options. When it’s time to purchase a new cart or time to replace your existing wheels, make sure to equip your delivery carts with a caster from Caster Concepts.