Twergo® Casters Helps Company Recoup More Than $60,000 by Reducing Workers' Compensation Costs. - Caster Concepts

The Situation: Cart operators at a big three Powertrain Facility experienced push/pull injuries when moving 1000 lb. carts. These carts were using industry-standard balloon tread wheels, and it didn’t take long for these wheels to show signs of wear.

The situation resulted in operators exerting greater muscle strength to move the already heavy carts, which significantly increased overexertion injuries and workers’ compensation costs. Three injuries in the last year alone cost the facility more than $60,000.

By allowing the body to move naturally, we reduce the risk of injury. When a process requires a person to push more, pull harder, overextend their body, or make other movements beyond the normal range of motion, unfavorable conditions arise. The person must exert greater muscle strength, which significantly increases the risk of an overexertion injury.

The Solution: The plant soon got in contact with Caster Concepts. After assessing the situation, the Caster Concept’s engineering team determined Twergo® wheels would be the best solution. Twergo wheels are designed to rotate independently. This design reduces friction and the force needed to push a cart.

The Savings: The ergonomic benefits realized included reducing push force from 30 pounds to 17 pounds: a reduction of almost 50%. This also eliminated expensive workers comp injuries, as the risk of injury shifted to below 1% from the previous 20%. This helped the facility get a return on investment in only 3 months.

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