The benefits of both toe guards and wheel brakes are undeniable.

U.S. businesses spend about $2 billion a year on injuries from body parts being smashed in pinch points alone.  Toe guards create a barrier to protect toes and feet from being run over by wheels, virtually eliminating that particular pinch point.  They also offer the benefit of preventing large debris from coming into contact with the wheel and damaging its tread.

Situations often arise when a cart needs to be locked into place.  Whether it’s a critical point in the manufacturing where excess movement can ruin the quality of a product or preventing an accidental bump from turning into a dangerous runaway cart, wheel accessories  such as wheel brakes, wheelock plates can often be the answer.

It is commonplace that companies don’t recognize the benefits of these options until they’ve already dealt with their fair share of the aforementioned headaches.  That is why we’ve developed a line of attachable toe guards and wheel brakes that can be easily installed on most Caster Concepts products.

Our Safety Retrofit Kits include:

If equipped with a brake, the kit will also include: