Answer: How large of a caster do you need?

I’m really not trying to be funny or evasive.  Caster Concepts has a full engineering team with a full array of test equipment — along with software packages for finite element analysis, allowing us to design a caster to fit any application. Along with all our design and testing capabilities, we also manufacture everything right here in Albion, MI.

Our standard line of casters goes above and beyond standard!

Our “standard” line of casters goes all the way up to 50,000 pounds capacity. And really, you can customize these casters in many different ways to fit exactly within your application parameters. Here are some capability highlights:

  • The highest capacity caster we have built for a customer carried 100,000lbs., and we have built at least five different variations of that caster.
  • The tallest wheel we have made was 48’’ in diameter
  • The tallest caster we have made was close to 60’’ tall.

Besides really large casters with high weight capacities, we have also done many specialized applications. Such as stainless steel ergonomic casters for vaccine carts and fully encapsulated high-capacity urethane wheels for marine applications. We’ve also developed super high temp casters for 900°+ environments, clean-room-safe motorized casters, and casters for all sorts of unique and challenging environments.

We’re not lightweights when it comes to casters.

Where Caster Concepts does not tend to be a fit for customers is very lightweight applications. Typically, this would be for less demanding uses for casters under 800 pounds total.

Think about toolboxes, Rubbermaid carts, shopping carts, etc. For the most part, those applications don’t have any special performance requirements. So as long as a caster is round and rolls, it will work.

These lighter-weight applications tend to be higher volume, so imported casters are usually found here. Once you start getting above 800 pounds of the total load to move, your caster choices depend much more on the factors of rollability and durability. Also, if an application is automated and runs continuously, usually a higher quality product is needed.

So while we at Caster Concepts can cover any type of caster that you require, our sweet spot really is the heavier, more industrial, or specialized applications.

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