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Shock-absorbing casters can be beneficial in a variety of different industries, but they are more valuable in some than in others. Here, you can learn more about the ways in which shock-absorbing casters like CasterShoX can resolve common problems in five big industries.


Though you may not think shock absorbing casters are a big deal in a warehouse, there are times when reduced shock could make a tremendous difference. For example, if your warehouse stores and ships fragile items, such as glassware or even light bulbs, then even the slightest shock could result in thousands of dollars in losses. Switching out traditional casters for those with state-of-the-art shock absorbing technology can prevent this by ensuring the shock of rolling over a crack or a bit of debris is dissipated before it reaches the product.

Aircraft/Airline Industry

Ground support equipment in the airline industry must function and move properly in order to ensure timely flights and reduce delays. Unfortunately, the ground on the tarmac is often uneven, so unforgiving caster wheels can lead to some dangerous situations. It’s always a good idea to utilize shock-absorbing casters wherever possible in the aircraft industry to prevent jostling and the potential for injury. They come in various sizes and styles, and they can support heavy-duty loads, too.

Hotel & Hospitality

Moving guests’ bags from their vehicles to their rooms may not seem difficult but depending on the size of the load and what those bags contain, failing to utilize the proper shock-absorbing casters could result in some pretty significant damages or injuries. For example, should the cart roll over a flaw in the floor or parking lot, this could jostle the bags and cause one to tumble to the ground. Depending on the contents, this could be detrimental for guests and harm the reputation of the hotel. Using casters designed to dissipate this shock is always a good idea for this reason.


Shock absorption is also critical when it comes to the medical industry, and this is particularly true in regard to transporting patients. Things like gurneys and stretchers should be properly protected as jostles and jolts could easily make injuries worse, and expensive medical equipment that costs millions of dollars could easily be damaged if it encounters debris or damaged flooring. Switching standard casters for their shock-absorbing counterparts is a great idea in this case as it can prevent further injury or damage.

Computers & IT

Finally, computers, servers, and their components are all relatively fragile, not to mention expensive. Transporting these items long distances, whether from a delivery truck or down a hallway, puts them at risk. If the carts and racks being used to transport them do not have shock absorbing casters, there is a good possibility that a sudden shock could cause significant damage – and it may even cause the components to fall. Investing in shock absorbing casters now could prevent such damages in the future.

Shock-absorbing casters are not just for one or two industries. In fact, they can be used in almost every industry imaginable to enhance safety and reduce risk a great deal. Whether you work in medicine, the aircraft industry, or even in hospitality, consider the benefits of shock absorption and whether they can save you money in the long run.