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When it comes to innovations in material handling, conveyors have come a long way since their early days of helping farmers transport their grain. As technology advanced, so did the abilities of conveyors to enable mass production and transport materials over a lot longer distances that the feed mill.

With this increased efficiency came other concerns, namely those regarding safety. As noted in a conveyor article in RitchieWiki, by the 1970s conveyor noise levels became such a concern for the Occupational Health and Safety Administration that manufacturers were forced to develop precision bearings, quiet rollers, and long-lasting parts to eliminate the rattling caused by premature wear.

Precision and efficiency took another step forward as custom-made conveyors designed to accommodate different processes demanded custom-made conveyor rollers and parts. This presented another set of challenges as many companies quickly realized that a one-size-fits-all mentality wouldn’t work.

The Conveyor Concepts Difference Will Keep Your Conveyors Rolling

With an experienced engineering department and a flexible manufacturing process, Conveyor Concepts, a division of Caster Concepts, are experts at solving unique conveying issues and are prepared to engineer a solution to meet your custom specifications.

For example, automotive stamping conveyors are part of some of the most demanding applications in the industry.  Not only do safety and ergonomic considerations come in to play, it is an area where higher benchmarks for increased productivity and greater efficiency are constantly measured.

A Diversity of Conveyor Parts Solutions Designed for Unique Applications

We understand this market, as it has always been a primary focus for us and it is the driving force behind many of the innovative products we create. With several years of proven experience as a conveyor belt supplier, we’ve built replacement rollers, tracks, sprockets and sub-assemblies for our customer’s conveyors used in many automotive applications as well as other companies where high precision and high production go hand in hand.

Our broad range of abilities allows us to meet almost any manufacturing need, from custom machining and laser applications to roller fabrication and polyurethane coatings. Click here to learn 4 tips to specifying Polyurethane for Conveyor Applications.

Conveyor systems have come a long way in both efficiency and expectations. And so has Conveyor Concepts. We’ve learned to combine our engineering services with a flexible manufacturing process to develop custom solutions for a demanding variety of applications. For more information on how to solve your conveyor application challenge please contact us at or call 517-629-8838.