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While custom and costly are both 6-letter words that start with C, they are not intertwined. All too often, mention of the word custom triggers thoughts of added expense.

That is an old mentality, stemming from a society accustomed to mass production. When Henry Ford said “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black”, he was in the midst of developing the assembly line, and quick-drying paint was only available in black. The quick-drying paint was necessary to maintain “full-speed” assembly. At that time, standardization was required for the assembly line to be effective.

Ironically, the auto industry which essentially created standardization became the pioneer for customization. Through advances in technology and changes in processes, automobile manufacturers are able to give consumers choices, while maintaining competitive pricing. Of course, some options have a higher cost, but that cost increase is not due to customization, it is due to the higher cost of the item or option chosen. For example, if a vehicle is available with 16″ alloy wheels, or  18″ chrome wheels, naturally the cost of the 18″ wheels is higher because more material is needed to make an 18 wheel and tire, as well as the additional cost of chrome plating.

Modern production systems are designed to accommodate choice, essentially eliminating the added cost incurred when something other than “black” is chosen. In the wheel example above, the old assembly processes would have required the vehicle assembled with standard 16″ wheels, and the consumer would have to purchase the 18″ wheels at the dealership. Today’s assembly processes offer flexibility and allow the consumer to customize without incurring additional labor and service charges.

This holds true for casters as well! While most caster manufacturers mass produce casters, in some cases overseas, we build to order right here in the US. By doing so, we are able to offer you the exact caster for your needs, at competitive rates. Thanks to the flexibility in our manufacturing processes, we can customize your caster efficiently, and ensure you get the exact caster for your needs.

Design the exact custom caster for your needs on our Configurator, or check out our new catalog which offers over 1,500 models.

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