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We recently launched our dual swivel section caster, named the SoS, an acronym for Swivel on Swivel. It is what it sounds like, a caster with a swivel section mounted on top of the standard swivel section. Now this may sound strange, but in reality its a great idea, and can make a significant impact on ergonomic performance.

The dual swivel section caster is great for reducing initial push force when all of the wheels are not aligned, or parallel. Sometimes the swivel casters on a cart are left in a position that is at a different angle than the rigid casters, this results in additional force being required to start rolling the cart, especially when the swivel caster wheels are perpendicular, to the rigid caster wheels. The dual swivel section reduces initial push force in this situation because ,the swivel lead is greater on the dual swivel section caster compared to a conventional swivel caster.

The dual swivel section caster is also beneficial for applications that require a lot of maneuvering, lining up or fitting into tight spaces. These casters virtually eliminate swaying, making them easier to maneuver, which comes in useful when an operator is trying to align a cart with a work platform or fit the cart into a dedicated spot for loading or unloading.

The reduced swaying of dual swivel section casters makes them ideal for automated systems like AGV’s and Tug trains, keeping them aligned with specified tracks or paths. In addition, the reduction in force exerted when turning and maneuvering also helps to increase battery life on AGV’s and other battery powered systems.

To maximize ergonomic benefits we recommend pairing the SoS Dual Swivel Caster with TWERGO® wheels, TWERGO® has independently rotating wheels that reduce scrubbing, hence reducing force exerted when turning and maneuvering.

To find out more, check out the SoS product page or contact us