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Caliper Brake System (a.k.a. Deadman’s Brake) Designed for Computer Transportation Cart

Caster Concepts recently designed a Caliper Brake System (commonly known as a deadman braking system) for a large technology manufacturer. These brakes helped protect the computer servers during transport. It’s the perfect combination of high braking force, increased maneuverability, and dependable operation.

The company wanted to install a braking system that could safely and efficiently stop a 2,700 lb. cart loaded with these valuable servers. They did not want to reengineer the cart to add on floor locks, nor did they want operators to have to reach under the cart to lock and unlock the brakes.

The Caliper Brake System developed by Caster Concepts was the perfect solution. The brake system works like a regular disc brake, featuring two Disc Calipers that mount to caster rigs.  Deadman levers with handles are attached to each brake. Squeezing the cart’s handle and level together eases tension in the brake’s cable and enables the cart to move easily. When no force is applied to the lever, the tension increases and the cart remains immobile.

The system offers a secure way to keep the carts secure during transport. The brakes also kept the carts from rolling on uneven flooring.

Another advantage of having individual brakes on each caster rig is that the operator can apply pressure to only one lever to lock that wheel. This operation utilizes an even tighter turning radius when maneuvering in tight spaces.