For ground support casters and caster wheels, find out why more companies land on Caster Concepts.

Caster Concepts provides the ground support industry with casters designed to move heavy loads while delivering outstanding performance in extreme temperatures and a variety of surface conditions. We design casters and products specifically for aerospace aviation companies, including the largest airplane manufacturer in the world. Military contractors and private jet and helicopter manufacturers continually rely on Caster Concepts as well. When it comes to keeping ground support equipment moving, Caster Concepts has it covered.

Casters That Stand Up to Moisture Damage and Ultraviolet Light

Water, humidity, snow, and other sources of moisture can cause considerable damage to casters. If your equipment remains outside under all weather conditions, and therefore all temperature fluctuations, you want to choose casters that will not corrode or deteriorate.  Modern Suspension’s line of corrosion-resistant, aluminum casters is ideal for these conditions. We also have an extremely rugged and durable steel line that offers even a greater max capacity per caster.

Wheels That Roll Over Uneven and Undesirable Surface Conditions

When choosing industrial casters for outdoor use, different surface conditions also help dictate what wheel material and type to choose. All outdoor surfaces are not created equal, and they tend to be much harsher than indoors. Rocks, cracks, uneven surfaces, and other blemishes that are common in cement and asphalt can stop a cart from rolling.

spring-loaded, shock-absorbing caster is ideal for outdoor use. The springs allow the wheels to roll over obstructions and provide a means to dissipate any shock. This results in smoother movement, reduced risk of damage to carts, and less noise.

Another option is to use Pneumatic Tires, which offer the “give” needed to roll over small objects like gravel or even cracked cement. They are a great choice for outdoor use and wet environments associated with Aircraft Ground Maintenance Systems. These wheels are also ideal for rough and uneven surfaces including gravel, cracked cement, thresholds, and other surface environments.

Our Air Cargo Casters are perfect for use on sorting desks and other applications where moving cargo and luggage on and off planes and platforms is a necessity. In addition, Air Cargo Weight Cart Casters have some of the best shock absorption features in the industry and offer swivels at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions that make movement and tight turning a snap.

Casters for Maintenance Stands and Transport Dollies

In addition, Caster Concepts also manufactures Casters for Aircraft Maintenance Stands like the one we designed for the U.S Air Force to reduce push force and withstand environmental challenges. There are also Casters for Jet Engine Transport Dollies that were engineered to support the additional weight of newer engine designs, provide easier maneuvering, and accommodate carts currently in operation.

Casters Designed for Higher Speeds

Tugger, tractors, or other powered mechanisms are frequently used in ground support situations, traveling faster than the average walking speed of 3.1 mph. While transport speed generally has little impact on the swivel section, the design and material makeup of the wheel is critical to knowing the expected speed that can be reached by these casters. TWERGO Ergonomic wheels are great for AGV’s and Tuggers. They are reliable at higher speeds and are available in two-and three-wheel configurations.

Military Use

Due to the limited amount of ground support personnel found in military operations as opposed to commercial applications, it is extremely important that the casters used on military ground support equipment work well in all conditions. Caster Concepts has a full line of outperforming casters that work exceptionally well under adverse conditions, whether it is for military or commercial use.

As a reliable and respected supplier of casters and wheels for ground support equipment around the world, Caster Concepts provides safe, efficient, and durable motion solutions from the ground up.