Caster Concepts offers a complete line of Ergonomic Wheels including:

Heavy Loads Medium Loads Light Loads
 Max Weight Cap 6,000 (12 x 4.5”) 1,800 (8″ x 2″) 1,500 (8″ x 2″)
Core Material Aluminum Iron Aluminum
Max Diameter 12” 8” 8”

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing an ergonomic caster wheel. For example wheels with a larger diameter often require less push force. Similarly, harder wheels tend to return more energy and require less sustained push force and wheels with a parabolic face are easier to turn due to reduced friction caused by scrubbing.

However an application’s height requirements, running surface, and budget do not always allow for the largest and hardest wheels available. That’s why Caster Concepts offers a variety of ERGOXCEL approved wheel configurations in each of our polyurethane formulations in order to meet every customer’s budget.

The Ergo-X or donut tread wheel is our most cost effective medium capacity ergonomic option.

Our Twergo Lite wheels are a single wheeled version of our higher capacity TWERGO wheels. Featuring the same patented parabolic tread shape as our TWERGO wheels they are designed superior ergonomic performance for medium capacity applications at a great value.

TWERGO® wheels are the ultimate medium to light duty ergonomic solution. Our TWERGO (Twin Ergonomic) wheels feature a patented parabolic face, and a twin or triple wheel design where each wheel rotates independently, virtually eliminating scrubbing and giving operators the ability to maneuver carts with ease.

We now offer 3 lines of Ergonomic products, I have created the following table to help you understand each products ideal market segment and positioning

TWERGO® TWERGO Lite Ergo-X (Donut)
Price $$$ $$ $$
Weight Cap (8×2)

Max Weight 85A tread


(12”x3” = 2800)

1,600  950
Initial Push Force 23lbs 30lbs 29lbs

*Data based on 8×2 Wheels with ErgoTread