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Conveyors are important tools in numerous industries. They allow goods to be moved various distances without the need for multiple operators. As with any other tool, the quality of conveyor systems is crucial. Poorly-built conveyors can cause expensive downtime and lead to numerous repairs. Below are five industries that rely on quality conveyor systems.

#1 – Automotive

The automotive industry relies on conveyors to move parts down the assembly line. In this case, some of the parts can weigh hundreds of pounds or more, which means a well-maintained and reliable conveyor is an absolute must. Even within the same automotive facility, there can be several different sizes of conveyors, each responsible for moving parts between different departments and areas. A conveyor failure could cause production to grind to a halt, and in the worst-case scenario, it could even cause serious injury.

#2 – Food Processing

Food processors are also large consumers of conveyor systems. In this case, the conveyors exist to speed product handling and production speed rather than the movement of extremely heavy loads. Almost every food product manufacturer and packager has come to rely on these systems. A single cupcake starts with a flour mill and processing center, then goes to a bakery, and then heads to a warehouse or storage facility – each of which relies on conveyor systems to move large amounts of products.  

#3 – Manufacturing

Most manufacturing facilities (factories) rely on conveyors to move products through various parts of the assembly line. For example, to make cleaning solution in a spray bottle, the bottles must be sent from the mold to the fill station, then from the fill station to the labeler, and from the labeler to the capper. A conveyor is responsible for all of this movement, and a single issue could result in a large amount of downtime.

#4 – Airports

If you’ve ever traveled by plane, then you have likely seen the conveyor systems responsible for moving luggage from the cargo hold of the aircraft to the luggage carousel where you retrieve your bags. These conveyors consist of belts and rollers that ensure the bags keep moving. Aside from that, the conveyors must be high-quality enough to protect the items inside your luggage from damage.

#5 – Paper and Printing

Despite digital media taking over most newspapers and magazines, there is still plenty of demand for old-fashioned printed goods. Every aspect of the industry relies on a conveyor system, as well. This starts with the paper manufacturing process; conveyors are used in the machines that turn pulp into different types of paper and press out the moisture. Even the printers rely on conveyors to feed individual sheets into printing machines and move stacks of paper through their facilities.

Conveyors play an important role in everyone’s lives, whether they are used to move items to the checkout in the grocery store or they are used in factories to help move the products you use every day down the assembly line. Quality conveyors last longer and operate more smoothly, so be sure that you are making the right choices when it comes to your belts, rollers, and other conveyor equipment.  Conveyor Concepts specializes in made to order and custom conveyor rollers and parts for conveyor systems.