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Relating Casters to ROI in many areas of your facility, business, or operation.

The first thing, and probably the one most of you thought of right away, is lifespan. When evaluating ROI on your Casters, you must determine how often you replace them. You also need to ensure that you’ve projected to evaluate annual spending, as this is how companies gauge returns.

If you’re replacing your casters more than a couple of times a year, it’s time to look into other options. Either the Casters you’re getting aren’t rated high enough, or they are inexpensive and of lower quality, or something else is going on with the application itself. Switching to the proper high quality casters can save companies thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

Second, make sure that the carts are not excessively hard to push. The harder a cart is to push, the higher the chance an operator can overexert themselves. And if someone gets injured while moving the application, it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in workers’ compensation. You must always be aware of the push/pull forces of your manual and powered applications. In manual applications, high push/pull forces result in low productivity, depleted energy, and an overall lack of focus from overexertion. High push/pull forces in powered applications result in more strain on the battery, which means more drain.

Another stat regarding workers’ compensation: Sprained muscles have an average compensation payout of 34,409 dollars, according to So avoid comp claims as much as possible by making your carts as easy to move as possible! As a leading heavy duty ergonomic provider, we ensure you can move thousands of pounds manually and under 50 pounds of push/pull force.

If the situation is that you are an OEM, it is vital to have a high-quality product be part of your high-quality product. If you sold someone a mobile solution and the mobile aspect of it broke prematurely, how does that make your company look? You want to supply your customer with the best product, so you know that there will never be issues.

Case studies are one of the best ways to inform by showing examples of situations in which a company could find itself. Here’s a case study that shows how ergonomic casters saved a company 400k and increased productivity.

Or how about this one? This tire manufacturer spent 20K on every overexertion injury; when they switched to our product, push/pull forces decreased drastically. How TWERGO Helped a Tire Manufacturer Cut Push Forces in Half.

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