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You’re not on the hunt for a high temp caster. You’re looking for the perfect caster for your high-heat application. One that can handle the rigors of its use while remaining within your budgetary constraints.

Navigating the world of high-temperature casters and wheels might seem straightforward, but when your operations involve extreme temperatures, things get heated, both literally and figuratively. Take it from us at Caster Concepts; the intricacies matter.

High Temp Casters: Forged Steel, The Unsung Hero of High-Temperature Environments.

high temp caster made of forged steel

Forged Steel Wheel

High temp casters made of forged steel are the epitome of strength and resilience. Combining iron and carbon, this alloy has stood the test of time, from ancient Persia and China to today’s advanced tech arenas. To give you an idea, our modern skyscrapers owe their towering stature to this durable metal.

There are several types of forged steel, including:

Why Does It Matter?

high temp casters with Oilite bearings

Oilite bearings are suited for high heat and require very low maintenance.

 For industries working in extreme environments, such as aeronautics or automotive manufacturing, the components matter. Individual elements like carbon and iron might have their merits, but when combined in forged steel, they pack a punch. This robustness ensures that whether it’s pressure or scorching temperatures, forged steel emerges undefeated.

High Temp Casters: Introducing Forged Steel Casters by Caster Concepts

Introducing the ultimate high heat caster. With the prowess of forged steel, our casters endure temperatures of up to 800°F and bear an impressive load of 20,000 pounds per caster. How? It starts with heating carbon steel billets to a whopping 2400 degrees, followed by a meticulous hammering process. The result? The perfect high temp caster designed for places like ovens and foundries, where average casters simply melt away.

Navigating the Caster Terrain

Finding the perfect high temp caster for high-heat environments can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. But why compromise on strength, capacity, or functionality? With Caster Concepts, you’re not just buying a caster; you’re investing in precision-engineered mobility solutions that prioritize both longevity and safety.

You can always speak with one of our team members, and we can help you find the perfect solution for your application, even if that solution needs to be custom. You won’t find a quicker delivery time on custom high-temperature casters anywhere else!