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Most of the mass-produced heavy-duty steel casters available today were designed for use on smooth terrains such as manufacturing and warehouse facility floors. However, if you need to move loads outdoors, whether, across asphalt or even bumpy bare ground, these casters may be problematic. If you will move loads outdoors, consider the following tips and tricks for choosing the right caster.

Why Tires are Important to Movement

Of all the different features that make up casters, tires are some of the most important. The tire you choose will ultimately affect operation due to its ability to absorb shock or dispel debris as it moves, and because of this, it’s important to note that not all heavy-duty steel caster products were designed with outdoor use in mind. Ideally, when it comes to bumpy terrain or terrain with the occasional imperfections (think cracked concrete), a softer wheel is the better option.

Pneumatic and Semi-Pneumatic Heavy Caster Wheels

For outdoor applications, pneumatic and semi-pneumatic caster wheels are by far the best solutions. Understanding the differences between the two will help you decide which is best for your application.

Specs to Keep in Mind

Pneumatic and semi-pneumatic tires come with their own inherent specifications for you to keep in mind when ordering. As far as benefits go, they are quiet enough to improve work conditions when used indoors, and they absorb enough shock to make outdoor operation much simpler. This means they are perfect for applications that require a range of indoor and outdoor movement.

Load carrying capacities range from 320 to 7260 pounds per caster, and diameters range from eight to 25 inches. Though most are air-filled, in some applications, foam may provide a better solution. If your application requires the movement of delicate or fragile loads, these are by far the best casters. They require little maintenance, but they were specifically designed for a long wheel life at the same time.

Moving loads from indoors to out can be quite the challenge, and not all casters are up to that task. Fortunately, with pneumatic and semi-pneumatic caster products, such movement is simpler, faster, safer, and quieter, which improves overall morale and production while protecting your employees at the same time.