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At Caster Concepts, we set out to understand the precise reasons why so many of our customers are long-time, repeat buyers.

During an extensive self-examination process, we found that trust was the number one reason that the majority of our customers are return customers. Simply put, our customers told us repeatedly that they knew they could trust us. Thus, our Caster Concepts tagline became We Build Trust. Trust is the foundation of our business, and this core value drives all our interactions with customers, employees, vendors, and other stakeholders.

When we give our word on a delivery date, we commit to doing everything in our control to honor this pact with our customers.

Fulfilling this commitment involves the entire organizational chain: operations; sales and order entry; engineering; purchasing; scheduling, machining and fabricating; and shipping and receiving.

Each person in the chain understands their role and consistently fulfills their duties with the goal of delivering on time to our customers. This is possible, in part, because everyone in the organization has a clear sight line to our customers. Thus, clear, concise and personal communication plays a major role. We work daily to make the process the most predictable and reliable in the business. As of now, we currently average above 98% on made to order and custom products with most lead times under two weeks.

We cannot overlook yet another critical link in our delivery chain: Our long-standing relationships with local suppliers. These relationships are based on mutual respect and trust. Our vendors are acutely aware of our commitment to timely delivery and are also fully wedded to this process.

Rarely do situations beyond our control arise, but when they do we acknowledge those situations immediately and work hard to remedy any adverse situation. Our immediate role is to communicate all issues and work with customers to reset expectations. As we consistently honor our committed delivery dates, the trust, and faith that Caster Concepts’ customers place in our organization continues to grow.

To violate the trust of our customers or employees means we’ve undermined our core company value.  At Caster Concepts, we manufacture and we build: We manufacture the best heavy-duty industrial casters in the industry, but We Build Trust by honoring our word and fulfilling our commitments.

Caster Concepts is a leader in manufacturing industrial casters and caster wheels. For further information and a custom beyond standard solution, please call 517-680-7950, or email