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What you need to know about canceling an order.

Caster Concepts prides itself on being a make-to-order company. When a purchase order is sent to customer service, the order is reviewed for order accuracy versus the quote sent to the customer. After reviewing and verifying the information, the order is then entered into our system.  A production ship date is calculated and verified against the customer’s requested date. Once the job is created, production and purchasing can view the order.

Caster Concepts manufacturing systems are connected with our sales, engineering, purchasing, and shipping. When the job is created, everyone has the ability to see: the new order, quantity, part number, and the customer’s promised lead time. Production and purchasing are off to work on the casters, as purchasing starts ordering material for that specific job. So once work is started, costs start to add up, which can make canceling an order a very difficult process.

Cancellations can occur if the order has not been sent to production, if we are waiting on approval, or if the casters or wheels are something we sell frequently. Orders can also be canceled if we need to change payment terms or change the vendor the order is being ordered through. We evaluate each cancellation request on a per-order basis. Production, purchasing, and customer service review the request and assess the work that has been completed and items that have been purchased. It is then determined if this is a returnable item or if it is going to be scrapped.

For example, steel billets used to make the specific part would be scrapped and melted back down. The bearing that went in the part would also be scrap. Machined wheel cores could potentially be scrapped, but sometimes be used for other orders.

Cancellation fees.

Cancellations fees are also something we consider with a cancellation. Cancellation fees are for the material, labor, etc. that Caster Concepts incurred at the time of the request. Special casters are not subject to cancellation; this is noted on the quote and the order acknowledgment that is sent once the order is processed. All our casters are somewhat special since the casters are made to order and made to the customer’s specifications.

For returns, all returned goods must be authorized in writing in advance of shipment. All goods must be in new and unused condition and be standard stocking items. A handling charge will be assessed depending on the cost of reconditioning and restocking the product.

In a nutshell,  an order can be canceled if it meets the right criteria. Caster Concepts manufacturers on a per-order basis, so each time an order is placed it is being made for the quantity on the purchase order and to the specifications of that specific customer. Canceling an order is possible, but also know that once the purchase order is placed, our production and purchasing team are working on getting the necessary materials to complete the order you the customer specified.