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Ex ·pe·dite /ˈekspəˌdīt/ verb
Make (an action or process) happen sooner or be accomplished more quickly.

What does expediting my casters mean? It means a customer needs our product in a shorter (than standard) lead time.

Casters have a variety of lead times depending on wheel material, size, bearings, etc. Our typical lead time on standard products is around one to two weeks.

When we quote a lead time to a customer, they occasionally ask if we can turn it around even faster. For most of these instances, we must charge an expedited fee to get the order when the customer needs it while maintaining standard lead times for our other customers.

Expedite fees

This fee is based on what we need to do to complete the order in the customer’s timeframe. For example, we may have to charge a break-in fee to jump the line to get a customer what they need. We might need to expedite the process with our heat treater, change the production scheduling of our polyurethane operation, or powder coat the rig to get it when the customer needs it.

Caster Concepts prides itself on making to order, so if you want a caster a little bit taller or wider, we can do that. One challenge we run into occasionally is a customer needing a caster in a super tight timeline. It just requires some changes to our standard production requirements.

Only in-house polyurethane manufacturer

Caster Concepts is the only caster manufacturer in the United States that pours its own polyurethane wheels. Because of this attribute, we can get the customer what they want in a particular timeframe. We pour five different durometers of polyurethane daily. Cure time varies on the different durometers of urethane, but pouring it on our facility eliminates any shipping time or additional production time that would come into play if we were ordering it from someone else. Our standard 95A durometer polyurethane can be shipped on the same day. Other polyurethanes must cure overnight and can be shipped the next day.

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Caster Concepts also has the ability to powder coat our rigs in house. We offer a variety of powder coat colors as well. This enables us to ship products quickly if the timing doesn’t allow for an outside plating operation to be completed. So when a customer asks us to expedite a purchase, sometimes we need to make the change from plating to a powder coat finish on the rigs. We have done testing on our powder coat, and it has very similar corrosion resistance to the Electroplating process.

When an order is expedited through production, each department lead is aware of the product, quantity, and timeline that is required. This makes the order visible and ensures that everyone knows the commitment that we have made to our customer. Shipping is aware of an expedited order as well to ensure that the truck line or UPS gets the box on time. There are also options for expedited shipping if needed. If you need a caster customized and you need it quickly, Caster Concepts is your caster company.