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The Drive Caster by Caster Concepts

The Drive Caster by Caster Concepts

As the world continues to advance and automate various industries, it’s time to take a closer look at one aspect of material handling that can benefit greatly from this trend: the valued and versatile caster. With the rise of drive wheels or motorized casters, the Drive Caster is revolutionizing the way we move heavy equipment and products within our facilities.

Eliminating the costs and production challenges of overexertion.

One of the most significant benefits of drive wheels is the elimination of manual pushing and pulling. In a world where manual labor jobs are increasingly being automated, it only makes sense to automate physical labor tasks as well. The use of robotic welders, automatic assembly lines, and other automated systems has become the norm in many industries, so why not take this one step further and automate the movement of carts and dollies? Drive wheels greatly reduce the physical strain on workers and minimize the risk of injuries such as back sprains, as well as the hazards associated with overhead cranes.

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Easy to steer and control with just one operator.

Another advantage of drive wheels is their versatility. Unlike traditional “dumb carts” that need to be hooked up to tractors and forklifts, motorized casters can be controlled with the touch of a button or a belted remote. With the Drive Caster, a single operator can start, maneuver, and stop a load with ease by simply using a control panel and tank steering.

This allows for greater flexibility and ease of movement, especially when dealing with large loads. If you’re moving multi-ton loads without drive casters, several workers are needed to move the cart or rack safely. Initial movement can be strenuous, and the most common workplace injury — and the most common workers’ compensation claim — is overexertion. Pulled muscles, sprains, and strains are all too common in locations where heavy loads need to be transported from one location to another, and these claims cost companies across the country billions of dollars every single year.

With a Drive Caster installed, all of this can be accomplished by just one worker operating the controls. This also means that other workers aren’t taken away from their responsibilities, which helps productivity as well.

Drive wheels are a smart move for companies looking to improve their material handling operations.

Caster Concepts offer drive wheels with load capacities of up to 2,000 pounds. When you opt to use a Drive Caster for towing, the capacity is a whopping 5,000 pounds per caster – add another Drive Caster and double the weight you move.

At Caster Concepts, we understand that innovation and automation are the keys to a more efficient and productive future. Our drive wheels and motorized casters are designed to make material handling easier and safer while driving innovation for our customers in the aerospace, aviation, and automotive industries.