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Caster wheels come in all shapes and sizes – though, admittedly, most caster customers are simply looking for wheels that are traditional in shape, size and function, and that are durable and lasting. But often, a catalog wheel is not adequate to fill the role. That’s why it’s important to be able to produce custom casters that meet key quality standards and can also be delivered as quickly as something on the shelf.

Among the common custom modifications to the typical caster setup is width — wheels that can range up to 10 inches wide. The bigger footprint enables the user to better balance and move carts and loads that are either extremely heavy or unwieldy.

Additionally, many caster wheel projects are measured by millimeters rather than inches. I have personally worked with customers who have needed to develop custom metric wheels that range from 50mm to 450mm in diameter, with widths that range from 20 mm to 250mm.

Key to the ability to quickly develop and produce wide wheels and other custom caster configurations is the ability to add the custom tread with the same urgency. Working with our polyurethane facility, Reaction Industries, our engineers can fabricate casters and coat them with polyurethane, quickly and efficiently. Reaction Industries pours poly wheels daily for us and its customers, and often pours both standard and custom wheels during the same production run.

This flexibility means that we can often turn around a custom order within days. As a make-to-order facility, we maintain a full engineering department that coordinates with our consumers and our sales teams to keep your custom caster wheel project rolling.

This in-house polyurethane capability also allows for the ability to remold wheels – helping to extend the caster life for customers who don’t want to reinvest in the caster core.

One last note – at our company, we offer tools to our consumer to take an active role in conceiving exactly what type of custom caster wheel they need for a particular application. With our online Caster “Configurator,” a consumer can use an easy interface to design the exact caster wheel that they need.

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