How wheel application reduces push pull forces on manual cart in manufacturing-TWERGO®.

Are two really better than one? It’s a time-honored question that is applicable to things like relationships, that extra hot dog at the beach — and heavy duty industrial caster wheels. The latter is certainly true if you ask the folks at Autrans Corporation, a manufacturing company based in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada, who are using Caster Concepts’ patented TWERGO® wheel to gain major operating efficiencies in their operations.

“The caster is performing much better than what we had been using,” said Jeff Macvicar, engineering manager at Autrans.

It was in no small part due to the rigorous demands of manufacturing operations like those at Autrans that prompted Caster Concepts to develop TWERGO® – which stands for Twin Wheel Ergonomic. Casters that utilize TWERGO® wheels are proven to reduce push-pull force by more than 50% and increase ease of movement of loaded carts or vehicles. That’s essential to companies like Autrans, which often manually transport heavy loads on carts. TWERGO wheels combine a unique multiple wheel design with a patented wheel core design, that in combination drives push pull results that were not thought to be possible.

Many different aspects of the caster design affect the ease of moving a cart. The multiple wheel design of TWERGO wheel allows for independent rotation of each component, while its unique tread thickness minimizes friction and eliminates scrubbing and sliding when turning.

These improvements in ergonomic performance can lead to big increases in employee safety and productivity while significantly reducing repetitive strain injuries and other disabling maladies.

A four-month test of TWERGO provided all the convincing Autrans needed to move forward with the product. “All the operators were very impressed with how much easier it made their job,” Macvicar said. “For the next four months, they constantly asked, ‘when are you switching?’ When I issued the purchase order, everybody was happy. It’s been no looking back since.”

As an added benefit, the maintenance-free TWERGO® wheels features a robustly designed spanner that is unique in the market and a die-cast aluminum wheel hub, to improve strength and durability of the caster and wheel. This makes TWERGO® casters and wheels perfect for applications like production racks (power transported, manually handled and mobile fixtures); parts bins, conveyor systems, and other applications where maintenance free casters and ergonomics are concerns.