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How is a Modern Suspension Caster similar to a Ford F-150?

Both are constructed in ALUMINUM.

Did you know?
• Aluminum is the most abundant, naturally occurring metal in the earth’s crust?• You are likely never more than six feet away from a piece of aluminum• Without aluminum, many of the conveniences of today’s world would not exist (like the LCD monitor you are probably reading this article on)

Aluminum is a premier material, the choice for something being built to last and to function flawlessly in a variety of conditions. Aluminum is a unique metal in that it is corrosion resistant, can be formed at cold temperatures, has about 1/3rd the density of steel, is highly reflective, and is non magnetic.

However, like other metals, aluminum is strong and durable, an excellent thermal and electrical conductor.
Aluminum’s low density and high strength make it a great choice for a variety of different application including the body of America’s top selling pickup truck, the Ford F-150.

Ford Motor Company chose aluminum because it offers several benefits over steel, including:

• Lighter Weight and better fuel efficiency

• Improved power-to-weight ratio

• Better Handling, more nimble

Fully Aluminum Industrial Casters

MS 10x3 Aluminum Caster With BrakeThese are many of the same reasons why we offer MS Casters’ line of heavy duty, fully aluminum industrial casters. This is one of the only lines of American-made casters to offer a fully aluminum construction. The all-aluminum construction reduces the weight of these casters to about 1/3 the weight of equivalent steel and iron core wheels and does not reduce the strength and capacity. MS Casters offer a a range of capacity from a few hundred pounds to a maximum capacity of 6,500lbs per caster, with the dual wheel 339 series.

MS casters provide corrosion resistance, a lifelong appealing appearance, and a wide range of operating temperatures. These qualities create the ideal caster for challenging environments such as high humidity, dampness, refrigerated or heated applications, certain chemical exposure, and extended outdoor use.

All MS casters are shock absorbing, utilizing Modern’s Vari-Flex design, which assures optimal shock absorption at specified weights.

So if you need a lighter weight, heavy duty, corrosion resistant, rough environment conquering caster, check out the full line of MS  casters at
Certainly, if it is good for the Ford F-150, it is good for you.

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