Brakes and Swivel Locks are common add on’s for heavy duty industrial casters, each option offers additional benefits to a traditional caster,

  • Brakes when engaged, keep the wheels from turning on the caster
  • Swivel Locks convert a swivel caster into a rigid caster but add the benefit of locking the rigid at additional angles (versus the standard 180* angle of a rigid caster)

Both brakes and swivel locks also add safety benefits

  • Brakes ensure that the cart or rack will not roll away or move when unattended, especially if the unit is being unloaded manually
  • Swivel Locks make it easier to control the cart or rack when rolling and can be used to ensure wheels stay perfectly parallel when a cart is parked (this is beneficial because it requires greater force to start rolling a cart when the wheels are parallel)

However, one issue that may arise from the use of brakes and swivel locks is a risk of the operator suffering from exertion due to excessive reaching, twisting, bending etc. Because the brakes and swivel locks are physically mounted on the casters, they are at the bottom of the cart or rack and require the operator to bend down and reach to engage them. If the brake or swivel lock is on a swivel caster, there is a chance that the lever to engage the unit may rotate under the cart, requiring the operator to twist, bend and extend their reach, increasing the risk of an injury.

For these reasons, we have created Foot Actuated Brakes and Foot Actuated Swivel Locks. These units are engaged and disengaged easily by a single motion of the operators foot, eliminating the need to bend or reach down. The foot actuated swivel lock is mounted in a manner to eliminate it from rotating under the cart, ensuring easy access for the operator, at all times.