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When using material handling carts to move tons of weight, both straight-line movement and high maneuverability are required at different points in the application, heavy duty locking swivel casters make controlling those heavy loads much easier and safer.  Moving the load across a large facility requires straight-line travel where the casters are locked into position, where maneuvering the cart into a workstation requires a swivel caster design.

Using locking swivel casters allows a cart operator to lock and unlock the casters to and from a rigid state. However, moving weights of 10,000 lbs. or more makes it much more difficult to find a swivel lock that can withstand the demands of such heavy loads.

That has all changed with the introduction of the most capable heavy duty swivel lock in the industry.

Caster Concepts’ new Heavy-Duty Swivel Lock.

Our new heavy duty locking swivel caster is specifically designed to secure casters with a carrying capacity of 10,000 lbs. and more. To handle these extreme weights, the newly designed swivel lock has improved shear strength, giving it the ability to withstand tremendous lateral loads without compromise.

This improvement is the direct result of our first-hand knowledge of the side loading demands our customers place on these casters. Using these industry insights to develop the new heavy duty swivel locking casters has enabled Caster Concepts to increase the swivel lock’s shear strength by 31%.

Combating the Effects of Shear.

Shear refers to a high amount of force or pressure that can cut or shear through the surface or object under strain. Caster Concepts’ new Heavy-Duty Swivel Lock is designed to handle immense load forces without failure.

In addition to increasing the shear strength, another benefit of using these swivel locks is the new t-handle featuring an ergonomic profile for improved operation.  Typically, a spring plunger is activated by pulling on a handle or pull ring and rotating the plunger to engage into a notch pattern on the swivel lock barrel. This new and lower-profile t-handle is not only easier on the hand, but it also reduces the possibility of being a leg contact hazard, making the new design easier and safer to operate.

For more information on our new Heavy Duty Swivel Locks or any of Caster Concepts Innovative Heavy Duty Caster technology, visit or call 517-680—4213.