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Drew Crowe, the face of and force behind the American Manufacturing Renaissance, is touring manufacturers across the country to help promote the necessity of American manufacturing. 

On his one-day media “takeover” at Caster Concepts, Drew gained a firsthand perspective of how Caster Concepts has reimagined the concept of factory work and fosters a culture that prioritizes loyalty, trust, adaptability and transparency.

Serving Up Quality In House.

As Drew points out, “Like a good meal, you are not going to fill an order by pulling old ingredients off the shelf.” He saw firsthand how Caster Concepts manufactures nearly every part of their casters in-house. This meticulous approach ensures the highest quality and allows for complete control over the finished product.

Empowering the Next Generation of Manufacturing Talent.

The cornerstone of Caster Concepts’ success lies not in machinery but in its people. One of the coolest things Drew commented on was the passion of the people. There are employees who have worked at Caster Concepts for years and are happy to share their knowledge and help train the next generation.

And that is a significant point. One that Drew highlights in the manufacturing message he is trying to spread:
“This is what the future of manufacturing looks like when you empower kids and give them a chance.  When you empower them, they become adults, and you help them use their creativity to make things that help the industry.  They aren’t just working; they are innovating, and they are sharing and building the future. Just give them a chance.”

Drew witnessed a vibrant workforce built on trust and camaraderie. As one of Caster Concept’s core values, trust between employees is a key attribute for the organization’s long-term success.

Embracing Change: A Culture of Continuous Improvement

Adaptability is a core value woven into the fabric of Caster Concepts. New technologies are not seen as threats but as powerful tools that empower the workforce.
As he interacted with the machine operators, Drew would ask them if this was the machine they started on. In most cases, he found that they had usually started in a manual labor position and worked their way up. There are employees that have been here for 20 years running new machines. The company fosters a flexible work environment, recognizing that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t serve everyone.

 The American Dream Realized: Manufacturing for the Future.

Caster Concepts is a great example of how American manufacturing can thrive. Committing to core values like loyalty, trust, adaptability, and dedication cultivates an environment where employees are valued and empowered.

It starts with creating an environment where people want to work. From the lunches and donuts provided for the employees on the floor to full transparency—like the video screens that show production output and profit share to an employee advisory board—Drew has experienced other shops. For many, that type of transparency just doesn’t happen.

And that’s not all. The spirit of everyone working at Caster Concepts is one of an entrepreneur. Leadership is tasked to instill the qualities that allow people to be entrepreneurs of their processes. Employees are empowered and encouraged to take on challenges and creatively problem-solve for the betterment of themselves and the company.

More Than Just a Job: A Rewarding Career.

“Drew Crowe coming to spend a day at Caster Concepts was a breath of fresh air.” noted Bill Dobbins, the owner of Caster Concepts. When he talked to Drew, he was all about the message Drew was spreading. And for good reason.

American manufacturing is important, and it’s why we must connect great opportunities with the people who need them and empower them along the way. Caster Concept’s mission is “To Manufacture Greatness Within Our Employees and To Positively Impact Our Families, Our Communities, And Our Customers.” Like Drew, we have a passion for manufacturing and the people involved.

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